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When You Are Surrounded By Positive People, You Will Soar!

When You Let Go of Your Past and Stop Looking to the Future You Will Live in the Now!

Keep Your Pity Parties Short

Bloom Where You Are ;)


Good Health is Something to Always be Grateful For!

The Sparkle Side to Snow...You can Build a Snowman:)

We All Can Live Happily Ever After!

Working as a Team is Better then working as One!

When You Clean House, You Feel Lighter!

Share Your Skittles! It's So Easy And Sweet!

One Simple Word "Give"

Try Something New! You Might Like It!

Family + Food = Good Times = Good Memories

We can Modify, Revamp and Rework Ourselves. But let's TRANSFORM Ourselves!

Say "I Love You" More!

The "Bright Side" isn't hard to find.