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If We All Had the Zest and Determination of a Two Year Old, the World Would Be a Better Place!

Friends are like warm fuzzies, Near or Far they warm your heart :)

Sharing is About Giving the Best Parts to Others and Ourselves!

It's Crystal Clear through a Child's Eyes.

With Love & Faith Everything is Possible!

Talented People Make Me Smile :)

growing something, anything, is satisfying, is rewarding

It's Never to Late to Do Something ;)

Don't Forget to Sparkle ;)

Love Comes in Many Forms

Find Your Talent, Share It Willingly, You Will Shine Brighter, Those Around You Will Shine Brighter!

Laugh At The Little Things! It Will Make It Easier to Laugh at the Big Things!

The Special People in Our Lives Should Be Celebrated Everyday!

Turn Your Dreams Into Ideas, Your Ideas Into Reality

When We Remember the Good, There is No Room for the Bad.

STOP, Bend Down & Listen!

Breakfast for Dinner Solves Everything ;)

Don't Just Take It In Stride... Embrace It!

Birthday's are Great at Any Age!

When You Really Believe in Something, Give it Your All!

Beauty & Motherhood Are One...

Smile :)

Sit and Read...a Children's Book;)

When You Are Surrounded By Positive People, You Will Soar!

When You Let Go of Your Past and Stop Looking to the Future You Will Live in the Now!

Keep Your Pity Parties Short

Bloom Where You Are ;)


Good Health is Something to Always be Grateful For!

The Sparkle Side to Snow...You can Build a Snowman:)

We All Can Live Happily Ever After!

Working as a Team is Better then working as One!

When You Clean House, You Feel Lighter!

Share Your Skittles! It's So Easy And Sweet!

One Simple Word "Give"

Try Something New! You Might Like It!

Family + Food = Good Times = Good Memories

We can Modify, Revamp and Rework Ourselves. But let's TRANSFORM Ourselves!

Say "I Love You" More!

The "Bright Side" isn't hard to find.

Someone is your Angel, and You are Theirs.

Take MORE Pictures! You will NEVER regret it!

At the end of the day, sit and reflect. You'll see there is so much to be grateful for!

Conversation Can Lift Us High!

The Brighter Side is Greener

Limits are Meant to be Pushed, That is how we Grow!

Music lifts your Heart and Frees your Mind!

Our Words Should Be Soft and Kind.

Serve Someone and You'll Feel Lighter!

Our Hands have some of the Best Stories

Tears are okay, more than okay.

Take 5 More Minutes with the One You Love