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Someone is your Angel, and You are Theirs.

Take MORE Pictures! You will NEVER regret it!

At the end of the day, sit and reflect. You'll see there is so much to be grateful for!

Conversation Can Lift Us High!

The Brighter Side is Greener

Limits are Meant to be Pushed, That is how we Grow!

Music lifts your Heart and Frees your Mind!

Our Words Should Be Soft and Kind.

Serve Someone and You'll Feel Lighter!

Our Hands have some of the Best Stories

Tears are okay, more than okay.

Take 5 More Minutes with the One You Love

Sleep is a Luxury we all can Afford!

Children are Angels, sent to watch over us!

Chocolate is Good for the Soul!

Think the Best of People, and You'll bring out the Best in You!

Laugh's and Giggles are so Precious!

A Hug is sometimes all you need!

Laundry is a Good thing! It means I have clothes!

One phone call can brighten your day!